Bodog Chief Carries Torch Through Mohawk Nation

Published Sunday, December 13, 2009 -


Some online gambling buffs would know who runs the Bodog online gambling operation in the Mohawk jurisdiction of Quebec, Canada, others don't know or probably don't pay much attention to the personalities behind the industry. In the Olympic World there are few that have made it to the top of their chosen sport and taken home a medal or two. Well recently in the world of the Olympics coming to Vancouver Canada in 2010 there was a controversial move made by the Director of the Olympic Committee.

VANOC CEO John Furlong had to defend the choice of an online gambling executive to carry the Olympic flame through a Mohawk reserve near Montreal, Quebec.

Alwyn Morris, CEO, of the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, was the subject of the demonstration at Kahnawake, Quebec. Mohawk leaders refused to allow VANOC's RCMP security team escorts with the torch relay onto the reserve. Natives held banners opposing the Olympics, showing that this band of Natives does not support the Olympic stand. It is ironic that Hugh Fisher a doctor from Whistler, British Columbia and Morris shared a gold medal for canoeing at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the USA.

Morris went on to run the hugely successful North American operations of Bodog, a multi-billion-dollar online sportsbook and poker gambling company founded in Vancouver Canada by the infamous Calvin Ayre.

The U.S. government seized $24 million from Bodog accounts in June 2008 as part of a money-laundering investigation. Federal law in Canada do not allow for private online gambling. Mohawks of the Mohawk Nation however, consider their territory to be separate and sovereign and therefore they conduct their online gambling without police interference.

Furlong commented in defence of his decision, "Alwyn Morris is a great Olympic champion, one of the best, he's a role model for First Nations children across the country," adding, "The children on that reserve love him, he was their choice and our choice. It has nothing to do with his business."













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