Texas Holdem Poker Just Like the Investment Game

Published Wednesday, January 13, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Kiplinger a Washington, D.C. USA based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, available in print, on line, audio, video and software products has a new tack on investing, the Texas Holdem Investing concept. This concept is new to many but as articles published by the magazine which appears each Sunday in The Washington Post and online everyday suggests with firm resolve that poker and especially Texas Holdem is just like real money investment banking. Comprehensive Kiplinger articles discuss the merits of using “free” poker to learn to invest and how this is at odds with a core part of the Texas Holdem Investing idea, learning to invest by playing poker with real money at risk. One article describes why Texas Holdem is the closest form of gambling games to investing because players with greater skill levels will generally “outperform the market” compared to less skilled players. Frank Murtha states that the goal of Texas Holdem is “to accumulate capital based on decisions with imperfect information” which is a very close description of investing. It goes on to describe how the various phases of Texas Holdem are similar to the various stages of an investment decision. Evaluation of your starting hand for example is similar to reviewing the investment opportunities available to you. The small and big blinds are an analogy for your costs of an information and investing platform. It states that making a bet is similar to making an actual investment and then the investment "flop" begins when a review of your investments comes due with the advent of new but incomplete information. If you are still with a particular investment at the turn and river stage then it should be a very good security because you by now are firmly committed with a fair chunk of your capital. Every element of Texas Holdem poker can be related to the investment game. Risking capital new or old is based on information and minimizing risk is part of the skill in both poker playing and investing. While it is not totally necessary to play poker with real money playing for real creates both fear and elation and both of these kinds of thinking can affect your decision making performance.








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