Ivey and Walters Take a Hit on Super Bowl Betting

Published Saturday, February 13, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

It looks as if a few of the worlds top poker players had a little fun wagering on the Super Bowl football game between the favoured Indianapolis Colts and the underdog New Orleans Saints who had never played a Super Bowl game. Even those who are not football fans were treated to an exceptional game that thrilled and chilled with the outcome being a surprise win by the New Orleans Saints.

If you were a punter who put their money on the favoured Colts you probably want to just forget the whole thing. Professional online poker legend Phil Ivey was one of those who wagered on the big game last week and is in the process of recovering after it was revealed he and betting expert Billy Walters collaborated in a bet of $2 million on the now vanquished Colts. Walters, who is a very well known Las Vegas sports bettor, and Ivey placed the huge bet straight up on the money line at a price of about -200, with the vast majority of the punting experts favouring Indianapolis to win. As with betting in every instance there is always the possibility that things won't go your way though the bet looked good before the actual kick off the Saints made a mockery of the sports books predictions and won the game in a 31 to 17 final, upsetting a lot of Colts fans a the Miami Sun Life Stadium venue leaving Ivey and Walters with a large loss to cope with. Ivey who is an American football fan is also the top earner in the online poker world whose fortune is thought to be around the $13 million mark that has now taken a bit of a hit. It is speculated without real numbers that the pair placed their wager at a Las Vegas strip sports booker, with the MGM Mirage. Jay Rood, MGM sports book director confirmed that a large wager had been placed at the casino, stating after the Saints had finally won their first Super Bowl, “We took a seven-figure bet on the Colts money line.” Everybody knows you can't win them all and even the guys who do it for a living are not always right.
























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