WTO Reluctant to Challenge Chinese Censorship of Internet

Published Saturday, March 13, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

China is so big and so powerful how could anyone expect any challenge to it's government policies regarding internet censorship to go anywhere.

The World Trade Organization of which China is a member has been reluctant to challenge countries' rights to censor content on the net. It ruled last year that China's import monopolies on books, films and other entertainment materials violated market access rules, but upheld its right to censor specific materials. America has been doing it's level best to remain fair in proceedings that are aimed at making China adhere to the rules of free trade which includes electronic commerce. China's measures on internet censorship are too sweeping and secretive, lacking proportionality and legitimate channels for appeal critics claim. Regarding any WTO legal action against China, a law professor at Singapore's Management University, Henry Gao, commented, "Even if they win, they are going to have an empty victory which they could not enforce," The First Amendment Coalition, a U.S. group that campaigns against censorship, and the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels have presented arguments that Internet censorship by China could violate WTO commitments. Online gambling in China is forcefully prohibited with operators who do attempt to offer gaming in the country risking severe jail time and huge fines if caught. A war of words has been going on for a long time between American trade officials and Chinese delegates, much of which does nothing to free up internet access to China or for that matter change the current ban of online gambling operations in the USA. Zheng Zhihai, general secretary of the China Society of World Trade Organisation Studies, who's organization reports to China's Ministry of Commerce wrote, "If someone intends to challenge China's right to govern its Internet by resorting to WTO rules, they are apparently misguided and bound to fail,"

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