Spread Bet Gambling Online Increases in UK

Published Thursday, May 13, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

There are many forms of gambling on the planet from horse racing to hockey people bet on everything, sometimes on a hunch sometimes on a tip and sometimes on solid research. Whatever your particular method or area of interest placing your money on the line is the hardest first step. Being prepared to lose is always a good start but knowing how to win is probably better. One field of wagering that has seen it's fair share of controversy over the years is financial spread betting. Which since it's inception back in the seventies has become increasingly more popular and professional. In a nutshell, financial spread betting involves betting on shares, bonds, interest rates, currencies, indices, options and commodities. Bookmakers quote a spread for each bet giving the gambler a chance to agree or disagree and go long or go short. The advantages of spread betting over fixed odds betting are that it is more flexible than for markets or events that involve points rather than a win/lose outcome. You don’t have to wait for the expiry of the bet before cashing in losses or winnings, bets can be closed at any time at the spread quoted by your bookmaker at that moment. The disadvantage compared to fixed-odds betting is that you stand to lose a lot more than your stake, although with some financial spread bets, it is possible to fix a “stop-loss” limit with the bookmaker, which limits your losses without limiting your winnings. Approximately 30,000 spread bet accounts were opened last year, 2009 and the largest study of gambling in the UK on behalf of the Gambling Commission found that serious problems developed in almost 15% of spread betters compared to 1% of other gambling. Being prepared and informed when getting into this form of online gambling can minimize risks and keep participation within reasonable boundaries.

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