Battle Lines Forming Land Gambling Versus Web Gambling

Published Sunday, June 13, 2010 -

The battle lines are forming in the online versus land based casinos competition being waged in the world today. The concept of online gambling is a relatively new one and everyone flocks to a new thing at first and then it tends to even out eventually. With internet penetration growing in many parts of the globe and the technology to keep the placing of bets over the web safe and secure online gambling is making great strides and the traditional land based casino and bingo halls are feeling a little anxious about the impact they are seeing in their side of the gambling business.
The recent laws passed in Denmark to comply with the European Commission request to modify the gambling laws had to be re-submitted to E. C. after land based operators voiced opposition. Danish tax requirements under the new law would see land based casino revenues taxed at rates ranging between 45 and 75 percent. The proposed tax for web based gambling is at 20 percent giving the web based operators an unfair advantage according to the six land based operators.
The gambling organizations in Denmark are all privately and operated, including legal slot machine gaming in bars, restaurants and amusement arcades.
Director of the Danish Gaming Association, Gunnar Sorensen, commented, "We think it is illegal for the government to support internet gambling in this way," he added, "If two gambling companies do not have the same tax treatment, then the Danish government is effectively supporting the online gambling companies."
 "These online operators have acted illegally in Denmark for many years and now they are getting a big reward for that by paying one-third of the tax that the land-based companies are paying," said a supporter of the land based casino lobby. Denmark's lawmakers have been forced to rethink some of its proposals before and will eventually have a finely tuned legal framework that will work for everyone.




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