Tips on How Jonathan Duhamel Won the World Series of Poker

Published Sunday, November 14, 2010 -

No one can promise that you’ll win the game with these tips but they will keep you in the game longer. How? Did you know that many poker players study poker by playing online. They first play using their computers to build up skills before they even think of becoming professional poker players.


Many people were blown away when 23 year-old, Jonathan Duhamel became the World Champion of Poker this week. He dropped out of university about 2 years ago to play poker for a living. How does one even think that that is a good thing? How can you do that?


The answer is study – study hard. Poker is a cerebral game. Many professional players read books and articles online. It takes years to build up the needed skills of analysis, strategy, mathematics and problem solving. Then you play online.

According to Chris Tessaro, who has written articles on poker playing, many poker players play 15-20 poker games online at one time. Some savvy younger players can even play 30 and 40 at a time. Tessaro says that it usually take hundreds of thousands of hands before anyone would attempt to play poker professionally i.e. at the World Series level.

Years ago, before the Internet, a young player would have to play for 15 years or more to get that kind of experience. Now with online poker, some 18-20 year-old players get that skill in a few years. That makes for a very good player at a very young age.


Tessaro noted that if you want to play professionally, at the World Series level, you need some money for example about $10,000 to start. This amount will buy you in to the main event at the World Games. If you have no skill you can lose that money quickly. A professional poker player with the highest skill level can make a decent living. What’s decent? “A decent living would be considered a million dollars a year.” He also noted that you can lose, a lot.


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