American Gaming Association Proposes Online Poker Bill

Published Saturday, May 14, 2011 -

Coming soon to the Congress of the USA is yet another attempt at legalizing online poker in that diverse country. There have been many roads travelled to get to this stage and none have been successful in bringing in a repeal of the prohibition on online gambling or internet poker. Poker has been collectively included in other casino games that do not as the argument maintains require skill to win. Poker has been struggling to get the definition changed so that it won’t be in the same category as slots, roulette or other casino games.

As early as next month another online poker bill, is likely to be introduced to Congress, drafted this time by the respected American Gaming Association. It has been suggested that discussions began soon after the indictments were unsealed on April 15 with AGA executives and members of Congress.
Few details have surfaced about the possible new proposal but some have come to light recently. As an example each state would have the right to choose whether or not to participate in the federally regulated online poker system. There has been no clarification whether individual states would be required to come on board but it has been made evident that no state would be required to allow players to participate if they chose not to.

Frank Fahrenkopf, AGA President and CEO was reported by CardPlayer as saying, “I have a hard time understanding, other than California and Florida, where you are going to have enough liquidity and players that would really make an intrastate poker site worth it,” Fahrenkopf continued, “States are free to do what they want, but it’s hard to see how state-by-state legislation is the way to go. We don’t get involved at the state level at all. My job is at the federal level here in Washington."
The proposed poker bill is a practical approach to this particular activity and Fahrenkopf feels that online poker is a more realistic goal for the time being. Fahrenkopf said, “It is more politically acceptable in the climate of Congress today to go with poker.”




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