Leap Forward Gaming JCM Global Partner for Payment Solutions

Published Saturday, January 14, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Leap Forward Gaming has been in the industry news a lot of late. Leap Forward Gaming specializes in the innovation, development, design, manufacture and operation of wireless communication systems. LFG's wireless solutions and applications provide enhanced value to players, operators and manufacturers in gaming and non-gaming industries. LFG's multi-disciplined team of gaming industry professionals has more than 250 years combined gaming experience, with a portfolio of issued and pending worldwide patents, developing creative and groundbreaking wireless technologies. Leap Forward Gaming is headquartered in Reno, NV.

Leap Forward Gaming was founded by highly respected gaming technology leader Ali Saffari, who is the driving force behind the company. Saffari is credited with leading the development of revolutionary products and some of the most widely accepted and profitable technologies in the industry to date.

A recent press release has confirmed that Leap Forward Gaming has created a partnership with supplier of innovative automated transactions solutions for the banking, gaming and retail industry, JCM Global.
The integration of LFG’s PlayPal cashless payment solution for casinos will receive a “collaborative development effort” which is part of the wireless SaffariNet system. Part of the arrangement includes the mobile phone payment system developer TechFirm.  The exciting development revealed that this application of the integrated systems will create a payment option in casinos that will extend the use of the newest in mobile technology allowing punters in casinos to “use their mobile phones to conduct transactions at gaming machines and other devices that use bill validators to accept both currency and mobile e-money”.
“TechFirm is clearly a leader in the mobile payment field and consumer use of mobile phones as digital wallets is spreading rapidly worldwide. With close collaborative efforts with regulators, we are meticulously crafting PlayPal™ to be a highly-secure, user-friendly cashless solution that will satisfy regulatory agencies, operators and manufacturers alike.” Commented the CEO of Leap Forward Gaming Ali Saffari.


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