Nevada Regulators Confident Online Poker Will Thrive

Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013 -
Nevada Regulators Confident Online Poker Will Thrive

Well it has been a week or two since the first legal online hand of poker was dealt and there hasn’t been too much in the way of competition as yet. The Station Casinos organization has had the market all to itself and there has been little in remarks on its progress.

The glitches are still being ironed out in the “core process” but it seems to be going smoothly say officials monitoring the new system. Gaming Today was told by A.G. Burnett the Gambling Control Board Chairman that so called issues regarding finances were yet to be dealt with by some of the money processors in Nevada.

The biggest issue explained Burnett that would be resolved eventually. One of the problems to be worked out, is that “some banks” were initially declining credit card activity associated with the poker games. It may take some time, he conceded, for them to become comfortable with the fact that what’s happening is legal in Nevada, and that everything is taking place in a regulated environment.”

The software required to process transactions related to online gambling has not been installed to recognize the ‘7995’ code. The problem originates from financial institutions lumping all gambling transactions into one category rather than sorting them out as illegal and legal gambling transactions.

“It’s really a ramping up process that will take a little time and education,” Burnett continued, “but I think the biggest banks are well on the way to having the software in place because as Internet gaming spreads customers will be demanding it.”

Burnett is confident any issues will be worked out and the rumours there are problems with the Station Casinos Ultimate Poker site in Nevada concerning the location of the player are not founded in fact.

The launch so far in Nevada has gone much as planned with hopes the New Jersey online poker operators will get to have a network between the states that have legal online poker ensuring mutual benefits for liquidity and experience.

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