Online Sports Betting Colossus Bets Chooses WorldPay

Published Wednesday, August 14, 2013 -
Online Sports Betting Colossus Bets Chooses WorldPay

Payment processing is a very important part of the online gambling industry. Colossus Bets is a unique, mobile optimised online betting service with its headline bet, 'The Colossus', offering a guaranteed £10m prize fund. The web site has chosen WorldPay, a global leader in payment processing to supply its end-to-end payment services.

WorldPay has a great deal of experience in the internet gaming industry and Colossus Bets, an online sports betting website needs the company’s expertise in risk and alternative payment processing. The web site’s headline bet, 'The Colossus', offers a guaranteed £10m prize fund. The Colossus is a multi-leg pool bet requiring players to select seven correct scores in football matches across the top five leagues in Europe. The Colossus Bets pools accumulate if not won, and they provide players with the option to cash-in their live tickets in full or in part as matches complete. WorldPay has been selected by Colossus Bets to use the their High Capacity Gateway, which processes as many as 200 simultaneous transactions per second.

David O'Reilly, Chief Operating Officer, Colossus Bets, commented: "We have a unique proposition compared to our competitors in the sport betting industry because of the scale of our prizes. We therefore needed a payment expert that could manage the processing and settlement of transactions not only on a large scale but globally. WorldPay is the market leader in the gaming and gambling industry and we wanted a provider with this level of expertise. WorldPay offers end-to-end services, which means we can focus on innovation with the confidence our payment needs are being managed."

Alan Watson, VP Gambling Sector, WorldPay commented: "It is important in this industry to have a successful and efficient process of paying out winnings, collecting from users and managing the risk of fraud and security. Colossus Bets' use of our end-to-end services allows them to benefit from a managed service meaning their in-house resources are not stretched and can be focused on other areas of the business. Our expertise in the gambling and gaming industry enables Colossus Bets to offer an efficient payment process to its players helping to deliver a better customer experience and optimum acceptance levels at the most cost effective rates, enabling them to spend more on growth."

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