Swedish Municipality Takes On Web Filtering

Published Monday, December 14, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Gambling on the internet in Sweden is different from some places in Europe. The law in Sweden is sometime difficult to understand and remains a mystery to everyone at times. State-run Svenska Spel, which does keep all land based casinos under it's monopolistic wing with the company’s reach officially extending to include online gambling. Their hold on gambling on the internet is not easily held without enforcement resources. Weak attempts have been made by the Swedish government to keep players from accessing offshore web wagering sites, with no formal regulations established, Swedish players find it easy to gamble online.

Now though a municipality has decided that it will make some rules regarding the internet on it's own. The town of Jonkoping, is a city in southern Sweden with 84,423 inhabitants as of 2005 and it is the 9th most populous city of Sweden.

In a recent study, officials in Jonkoping decided to monitor the use of the city’s 8,000 public computers to see how students and employees were using the publicly funded computer system. The town officials were not really prepared for what they discovered finding that up to 80% of internet bandwidth was used for illegal file sharing, and a combined total of 1,300 hours were used for naughty web sites and gambling online. Much of the web use was covered up by proxy use of different IP addresses making much of the online activity invisible. This process suggested even more illegal play on the public systems.

In order to control the use of “inappropriate websites” or file sharing websites on public computers, Jonkoping has ordered technology updates for security at a cost of nearly $70,000. The newly installed web filters will keep managers informed as to how computers are being used, enabling the blockage of online casinos or other sites on the net.

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