Increased Online Sports Betting Trend in France

Published Friday, January 17, 2014 -
Increased Online Sports Betting Trend in France

Looking at the various online gambling jurisdictions around the world its interesting especially for the investors in the online gambling industry to follow the trends and keep on top of the latest stats. Many investors in stocks related to internet gaming are the ones reading the hundreds of articles from around the globe.

The most complicated of the jurisdictions is turning out to be the European sector and all of the countries belonging to the European Union. One would naturally think that the European Union has one set of rules for E.U. members but of course that’s not the case.

Spain, Denmark, Italy and France among others have all liberalized their online gambling regulations to allow for legal internet wagering. France is a good example of the trending that is common in other jurisdictions.

According to recent report from online gaming regulator ARJEL the fourth quarter stakes for online poker cash games came down 23% to €1.2billion, with gross gaming revenues sliding 12% during the final months of 2013 to €65million. These are significant numbers and somewhat of a surprise to some analysts.

Meanwhile, sports betting seems to have started to pick up in France where the national past time of soccer and the great enthusiasm the French have for competition have led to an increased interest in sports wagering. The introduction of casino games that can be played with little input or decision making have also led punters away from poker as an entertainment outlet.

Wagering on football went up by 38 percent in 2013. An interest in professional basketball rose with stakes increasing by 36 percent over 2013.

Trending now in France is sports betting but that has been very popular in many other parts of the planet. The world of trending can show the patterns emerging in the online gambling industry and give the savvy investor a heads up when it’s time to buy or sell

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