Online Poker Legal Confusion Persists

Published Saturday, January 18, 2014 -
Online Poker Legal Confusion Persists

Online poker in the USA has been transformed in the last few years after going through the legal hoops and rings of fire. Many people think the licensing of online poker in Europe and parts of America has made it a safe and problem free. The reality is far from that although the licensing of internet play for real money has done a great service to the consumer there are still issues in the process that need to be addressed.

The most pervasive problem is the poker bot originally just a money printing opportunity created by developers they are considered a big nuisance and even a big threat to the online poker industry. The reasons behind the threat aspect is basically a matter of fear. Players think they may be playing against machines and they also think that web sites use them to win. The other problem associated with bots is that fact that they are more sophisticated. Modern poker bots are very good at beating players although some pros have won by exploiting the characteristics displayed by poker bots.

The red flag is out concerning these machines because they are good today and can fool even the best players at least once. The online poker industry is working hard to dispel the fear and also to actually remove them from the web. Poker players are the best resource against poker bots by remaining vigilant identifying their presence.

The other problem holding back the online poker industry’s success is also a matter of perception. When banks and payment service groups decide not to transact gambling funds there is the perception that there is something illegal about the activity. The public wants to do the right thing without the fear they may be arrested.

The Poker Players Alliance and other organizations have to educate the potential internet poker player as to the rules in their jurisdiction and dispel the confusion surrounding the legality in the region they inhabit.

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