In Chile Online Poker Gaining Momentum

Published Saturday, February 20, 2010 -

With a population of almost seventeen million people Chile has a growing market for online gambling. Gambling in Chile is completely legal and popular. Chileans enjoy casinos, sports betting, state lotteries, horse racing, and other gaming past times. Casino gambling was banned up until 1990, although the country already had several major casinos operating. Poker a strong game elsewhere is not nearly as popular in Chile but is gaining considerable momentum. Sports betting in Chile is very strong, and horse racing which was the only form of gambling that was legal during the ban has remained very well attended. The Chilean government is open to internet gambling with few if any restrictions. While the government does not license companies to operate online gambling sites within Chile, players are not prohibited from playing at offshore gambling websites. There are thousands of websites, that offer casino games, poker, bingo, sports betting, and other gaming activities. Most of the sites available in Chile are in English, with some offering Spanish as well. Chile’s Superintendent of Casinos, Francisco Javier Leiva, who is watching the statistics says, the latest figures show that the revenue from gambling is growing steadily. Gross monthly winnings have increased to $24.8 million in 2009, up $14.86 million from earlier in the year. It was reported that a total of $224 million was grossed during 2009. More casinos are to be opened this year to meet the expanding market with online casinos and sports books gaining ground too. Currently there are fifty seven online casinos offered to players in Chile, most offering the USD as a currency and the Spanish language. With the government being on the soft side of online offshore wagering it may be that Chile could become a South American hub for internet gambling in the future. Meanwhile the gambling public in Chile has a chance to play to their hearts content where ever and when ever they desire.

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