Playlogic Reinvents Itself as PlayLogic Entertainment

Published Tuesday, December 21, 2010 -

Playlogic tried very hard to keep its head above water but after a litany of factors contributed to it’s demise including overdue payments, loan defaults, and poor cash flow the firm declared itself bankrupt in the Netherlands last July 2010. Playlogic claimed it was owed money by Koch Media, its major European distribution partner and according to the filing, Koch did owe Playlogic some 1.7 million euros ($2.4 million) as of December 2009. Playlogic began legal proceedings in Austria to claim that sum.

Now just five months after the game publisher PlayLogic filed for bankruptcy, the company said it would launch again as another company with "mainly a focus on digital video game publishing" for consoles. PlayLogic recently announced that it would be rehiring a portion of its former staff at the new company, and they will be back to work as of January 1, 2011. The official name fro the newly established firm is PlayLogic Entertainment N.V.
The Playlogic Game Factory which is based in Breda, the Netherlands is one of the most modern and advanced contemporary development studios with a team of approximately 80 people developing a number of titles on several platforms. Playlogic Game Factory also works as a first party contractor for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Playlogic’s rise from the ashes does not include it US wing, PlayLogic Entertainment Incorporated.  The company does intend however to still publish digital games on a worldwide basis for the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo platforms.
Rogier W. Smit, who was the co founder of the Playlogic International N.V. and Playlogic Game Factory B.V. back in 2001 will be the chief in charge of the newest incarnation of the company. The intentions of the firm are to expand into the mobile gaming market and acquire a company familiar with the latest developments.
There is the remote possibility that the new Playlogic will venture into the mobile online gambling industry sometime in the future.


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