Beware Neteller Scam Former Online Gambling Clients Called

Published Sunday, May 23, 2010 -

Neteller was at one time a significant player in the online gambling world in North America. Thousands of online casino players and poker enthusiasts used the money processing service without hesitation, trusting that their transactions were safe and secure. Then, in 2006 the market in the USA was closed almost immediately and Neteller made an swift exit from the U.S. market. After a delay of several months they did eventually pay players funds owing under an Approved Distribution Plan according to directives from U.S. authorities and a final notice was sent out in July of last year stating paybacks would no longer be honoured.

Now the Off Shore Gambling Association has reported that a scam involving the Neteller name is being perpetrated by unknown persons who appear to be looking for personal information by calling former Neteller account holders and saying there is more money to be had if personal ID is given to initiate the return of funds. After contacting the Neteller offices a statement was issued confirming a scam is in place. The e-mail response from Neteller said, “All former NETELLER account holders in the US have been contacted by NETELLER as part of the Approved Distribution Plan for residual account balances. A final notice was issued by email to registered email addresses on 15 – 16 July with the final acceptance date for receipt of withdrawal requests being 26 July 2009. Other than for requests already received and/or being processed, any contact after this date would not originate from NETELLER.”

It appears that who ever has been trying to gather personal information from former customers has been partially successful but will now be stopped by a quick response from diligent players. This is a good lesson for anyone who goes online to be suspicious of calls offering something that sounds too good to be true. Vigilance pays off, protect your identity and be absolutely sure without exception when giving out personal information it is to a reputable operator.

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