International Sports Monitoring Group Watching for Irregular Betting

Published Sunday, February 28, 2010 -

The 2010 Olympic winter games is very well watched in more ways than one. The International Olympic Committee is watching closely for any signs of match fixing in these games. It may seem like something that these athletes would never dream of doing but it has been known to happen and it is possible it could happen again. Doping and cheating is something that the International Olympic Committee is constantly on the look out for. They have exposed teams and individuals that are so keen to win they break the rules for an advantage. In today's world where big money can be had by endorsements and from wagering on a 'sure' thing, the IOC has it's work cut out for them. The IOC has installed a unique system that will monitor betting patterns throughout the games, similar to the system used during the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing China.

The Swiss based International Sports Monitoring Group will collect betting data from over 400 sports betting outlets and report any irregularities to the International Olympic Committee. Jacques Rogge, the IOC, President, said, "Illegal betting is as serious a threat as doping," adding, "It's a very serious concern for the future. Sooner or later it will happen during the games."

Dick Pound, the Canadian representative with the IOC, commented, "As leaders of the Olympic movement, we should recognize and take on the board the fact that betting and match fixing and other forms of corruption rank equally with doping in the sense of destroying or having the potential to destroy the fundamental integrity of sport," adding, "It is a very real and growing problem that can affect the future of sport." It is interesting to note that no unusual betting action took place on the 2008 Beijing Games, and so far everything is on the up and up with regards to these 2010 Olympic competitions. When things are fair things are right for everyone playing.

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