New Online Gambling Web Site Growth Strong

Published Friday, September 30, 2011 -
New Online Gambling Web Site Growth Strong

In a recent article published in SBWire a leading online newswire specializing in the needs of small to medium-sized businesses it says that more savvy business people have been turning to the internet to create new markets. One of the new markets is internet wagering, which is a billion dollars industry that has definitely had its ups and downs but continues to be the new way people around the world are gambling.

It is regulated and controlled in many jurisdictions globally but continues to cause controversy in others. The USA banned offshore online gambling operators back in 2006 with the USA Department of Justice  demanding the banks and money processing firms refuse to put through gambling related transactions.
Even so, there are jurisdictions such as Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and others where licenses are issued and rules are in place for conducting this type of business in a fair and safe manner. This is a new business that has been growing which caters to the entrepreneur who wants to start an online casino or poker web site.

Elite Gaming Software is an internet consulting and igaming technology marketing firm that has specialized in providing services for businesses in the online gaming industry since 2000. The global online gaming industry continues to grow despite the regulatory restraints and worldwide economic crisis. Revenues in online gaming business rose from a mere $800 million in 1998 to over $20 billion in 2010. Some analysts predict it could generate over $177 billion in revenues by the year 2015. These stats have smart entrepreneurs considering starting an online casino or internet poker room shaping up as one of the most promising business opportunities available today.

An Elite Gaming Software spokesperson said, “We’ve made sure that there are minimum barriers to start online casino gaming with our solutions so owners can quickly begin making profits,” adding, “We’re constantly improving the software with regular upgrades such as new games and marketing tools,”


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