Domain Name Comes Up for Sale

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2011 -

When surfing the internet for particular subjects a memorable domain name can bring business to the owner’s site in spades. When a domain name becomes available for a popular activity such as online gambling it is usually snapped up for a large sum of cash in short order.
Online poker is extremely popular all over the world, especially in America where it has been prohibited by the federal government but continues to be played on European facing web sites.

The domain name, previously reserved for a new network of sites, was just released and is now available for purchase.
A company that takes stock of internet traffic and publishes the results ComScore, says that in March 2011 the most popular Internet poker sites had between 1.3 million and 2.6 million visitors.  The money being made from the players and other suppliers of services related to the online poker industry is substantial and profitable. The domain name will be a winner for a number of obvious reasons including the fact the American online poker market is arguably the biggest in the world.

Paul Wilson who is an expert in the field of internet poker, says, " is a domain name you wouldn't want your competitor to own," Wilson continued, "For someone who sees online poker as a serious, legitimate business and not just a hobby, this is the perfect domain name."

Wilson points out why the name will be desirable to professional operators seeking a domain, commenting that the name creates instant brand recognition. He added It can encompass land-based and online poker, it is easy to spell and remember. It can be found easily by those typing keywords into a search engine, or by direct navigation by typing the domain name in the browser and the name itself implies credibility. This Domain won’t last long on the market that’s a sure thing.


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