Online Gambling Investment Web Site Helps Due Diligence Process

Published Sunday, September 30, 2012 -

"Sin Stocks" are a well-known informal investment classification about companies that sell products or services related to highly regulated social vices. Investors who determine these investments are morally fine considering the state of today’s commercial world and the blurred line between good and bad. Classification by analysts describes the sin stock as those that have something to do with social vices. Now a web site dedicated to following these so called sin stocks called is available for those wishing to invest. It is interesting that liquor, gambling and smoking are all considered sin stocks and governments everywhere now depend on the taxes from these activities to provide public infrastructure. The new website will glean information and help educate veteran and novice investors about the stock genre. There’s gold in those sin stocks one could say. These types of investments are not for everyone but remain very popular and those who buy them debate that these types of investments are "recession-proof" because these items are still bought even if the economy is not doing well. The view of is even and non judgmental bringing investors of the genre all the different points and latest news concerning the industries involved. The twice weekly blog format is new said Aaron Hoos, " We're new and we're still finding our stride," Hoos added, "We're also expanding and we think investors will like the format and the fresh reporting style." The name SinStocksReport infers that there is a tongue and cheek approach to this web location which is not really the case. This web site is a site that provides insight into this type of investment. Aaron Hoos points out that, " is an investment site and doesn't endorse the use or abuse of the products or services these companies offer." And, "sin stocks are just like every other investment out there: Potentially risky. Investors must always do their due diligence before making any buying or selling decision. We want to make part of the investor's due diligence process."

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