Italian Authorities Smash Illegal Online Gambling Ring

Published Sunday, June 30, 2013 -
Italian Authorities Smash Illegal Online Gambling Ring

The European Union includes countries that have strong traditional cultures that don’t change that fast. In Italy the influence of globalization and the internet has made some impact creating a different Italy from the one that existed just a few decades ago. New laws regarding gambling in Italy have been created to keep the consumer protected from fraud and unscrupulous operations.

Well known in Italy, there have been unscrupulous gangs using the internet to perpetrate their crimes. Now the Italian authorities have executed a major crackdown on an illegal gambling ring. The police called their investigation ‘The ‘Jeopardy’ operation’ targeting the Naples’ Casalesi gang recently making 55 arrests and seizing assets worth approximately €450m.

The authorities stated to the Modena Online news that the operation consisted of as many as five illegal online betting sites,,,, and Access to the phoney Romanian registered and located servers were controlled by gang members. Private clubs were set up to attract players to the sites.

The prosecutor in the case Giovanni Colangelo commented that not all of the gambling businesses under the gang’s control had issues with the laws of the land, but “all of a sudden you notice companies … that were once in the hands of honest entrepreneurs that have now ended up in the hands of organized crime.”

The gang’s primary revenue stream came from illegal gambling enterprises, including slot machines, bingo halls, sports betting and internet wagering. The firebombing of a bingo hall back in 2008 in the Italian province of Frosinone contributed to the launch of this operation to uncover the illegal activities of the Casalesi mob.

The items and property seized in the raids were substantial including 247 bank accounts, 347 pieces of real estate, 148 businesses and 280 automobiles including two high end Ferraris. While two individuals are still on the lam, those arrested face a multitude of charges, including illegal gambling, conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and extortion.

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