Seniors Learning to Negotiate Online Gaming

Published Monday, November 30, 2009 -

The internet has changed from being something just young people used to keep in touch and play video games to something the older generation has taken to as their own means of connecting. Most land based casinos are frequented by with the aging gambler who has the time and some disposable income to play the slots or poker and many of the other casino games. Now as the web becomes more accessible to more and more people retired pensioners and the elderly are learning to use the laptops that their grandchildren have given them for Christmas and are joining facebook and other social networking groups in an effort to stay in touch. The skill of being able to negotiate the mouse has created a new consumer group for online gambling, the senior.

"Elderly people are beginning to understand that not knowing how to use a computer is like living in a country where you don't understand the language," said, Keith Cleaver who is sixty three and a teacher of computer skills to seniors. A University of Toronto professor says that playing online keeps the brain tuned up and keeps aging minds sharp and alert. The social aspect of online chat while playing poker, bingo, keno, or other casino games adds to the seniors feeling of being connected and not isolated by their age. Solitary games played alone at home are not nearly as stimulating for older people as connecting to online sites that offer a variety and greater range of information for the new older consumer. To be able to stay on top of a game and talk with friends while doing it has a positive effect on the brain's memory functions.

Ronald Baecker is Professor of Computer Science, at the University of Toronto has gathered a group of fourteen researchers to delve into a project called TAG, Technologies for Aging Gracefully and are planning to begin testing an online poker game that would allow seniors to chat and strategise with a partner online. Online gambling is a new sport for the older demographic and it is sure to be made easier as online casinos see the trend develop.

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