Estonia On Verge of Expanding Gambling Economy

Published Wednesday, December 30, 2009 -

Eastern European countries are having a tough time in this global economic meltdown. So many countries in that region of the continent are looking to establish new sources of revenue.

Relaxed laws regarding gambling in Estonia have created a new found and very popular past time for those people who love to gamble. This new economy has created an international base of clients that are providing revenues and jobs. The Estonian economy is reportedly down as much as 36% and residents in every sector of the country are feeling the devastating effects. This trend is slowly being rectified by government efforts to stimulate business in many parts of Eastern Europe. This progressive country is notably proactive in its attempts to turn a bad situation into a good one. Stability is on it's way with Estonia being the next country to adopt the Euro as it's currency. This move is sure to bring more trade and more jobs as the Estonian people will be able to compete more effectively on a global scale.

The introduction of online gambling to Estonia is also going to help bring jobs and much needed taxes to the country. The lottery offered by the Estonian government will give some lucky people a chance at changing there lives but for the most part it has been good for the government. Unlike Russia where the casinos were banned to far flung regions of the country, Estonians have as many as 150 land based casinos situated in over 12 cities at their disposal. The population of the small country is only one and a half million, so that's a lot of casinos for so few people. The offering of online casinos and wagering to Estonians is considered the next logical move by law makers there. Local level measures are already taking place with an international focus coming in January of 2011. The international online gambling industry is where the officials of Estonia see the real benefits occurring. The legislators see regulation and the granting of online gambling licences for the Estonian jurisdiction as being a sustainable business that will bring continued new wealth to their country.

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