Denmark's Online Gambling Choices to Improve

Published Friday, April 30, 2010 -

According to the Right2Bet organization,

A system of rules and regulations as set out by the Danish Gambling Board will govern the operators that are to be granted licences. A fairly steep tax rate of twenty percent will apply to the gross profits of the licensed online gambling companies. The European Commission has kept up the pressure to make Denmark conform to it's standard rules regarding monopolies. The Commission launched formal infringement proceedings against Denmark over its sports betting monopoly back in 2006. The monopoly was deemed to be in violation of an article in the E.U. laws that relates to the free movement of goods and services within the EU. Denmark's proposed amendments to it's gambling laws will see the state-owned monopoly Danske Spil, competing with a number of private-sector operators offering Danes a wider range of gambling activities.

Online Poker and Casino games such as slots and roulette will be offered legally for the first time. It has taken some time for this process to come about, H.C. Madsen, Danske Spil’s Managing Director, told Danish newspapers in November of 2009 that he welcomed the upcoming changes: “It will be nice to get some clarity on the issue after so many years of uncertainty...We’ll also be able to offer casino gambling and poker now, which we couldn’t do before.”

The better tax rates for the operators will give everyone a chance to make at least a little bit of profit. The consumer is the big winner in this deal with more variety and a safe and secure place to play.

Danish citizens are to have greater quality and choice of gambling products after legislation presented to Parliament last week confirmed the Danish Government's desire to liberalise its gambling market, following pressure from the EU to reform its monopoly system. If passed, the new legislation could bring rapid changes as early as January 1st 2011. The June vote will hopefully be the beginning of a new era for online gamblers in Denmark.

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