Canadian Internet Betting Laws Hazy

Published Thursday, March 31, 2011 -

Canadian laws prohibit gambling other than the gambling provided by the government lotteries, racinos and casinos. The governments of some provinces are creating monopolies for online gambling. Right now though there are many sites which can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that allows a person to punt on sports or play poker.

Lots of online gambling firms already have play for free .net sites operating and poker sites for virtual money within Canada’s networks. People are not being restricted really,  but it will become an issue when the provinces become more involved.
A federal election is in the works now in Canada and there has not been a word said about gambling on the internet or otherwise, so it appears things will remain status quo for now.

Betfair is one firm entrenched in the Canadian scene, with betting on golf, curling and cricket, with of course hockey being very important at this time of the year. Betfair’s approach to gambling is different.
In traditional bookmaking, the bookie offers you odds on an event and you simply have a choice of whether you want to take them or not. There is a margin built into their odds, because they are taking the risk (and want to cover the times when they get it wrong and results go against them), so the odds offered will hardly ever be the best you can get. is different. They consider themselves not bookmakers but operators of  a betting exchange that allows people to bet against each other, choose their own odds, with matching all the bets together. On, you can play for free, and see how a betting exchange creates the best available odds.
Canada doesn’t mind if it’s people play for free or against each other such as the Betfair system, but when it comes to real money the government may have something to say.


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