Bodog Brand Creator Says Asia Offers Online Gambling Opportunities

Published Sunday, July 31, 2011 -

According to a recent article in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper Calvin Ayre the Canadian born entrepreneur who created the Bodog Brand says that legal online gambling will eventually come to the USA.  Ayre said, 'If you ask me what’s going on in the United States, it’s clear that the United States is gearing itself up to enter the industry.’

Mr. Ayre has been flying under the radar on the legal issues surrounding many online gambling operations and his brand has a shining reputation as being fair honest and legal in jurisdictions that online gambling in regulated and licensed. He has attempted to stay far away from potential trouble by not venturing into hostile territories such as the USA, a place he will not go. Aye also maintains he won’t go back to his home province of Saskatchewan in Canada, where the extreme remoteness bores him.
During a recent trip to Poland Ayre explains, "I have just been mugged in Krakow," continuing he said, "I spent two days in my hotel room waiting for a flight back to England. I am never going back."

Calvin Ayre, the man, does have a reputation for being a rich and somewhat testy and brazen playboy who has not shied away from pleasure and flamboyance.
As the world turns so has Calvin Ayre by reinventing himself  to keep one step ahead of the game. Now Bodog’s British partner has become the first to obtain a Gambling Commission license to operate in the U.K. The US facing website is now operated by the Canadian based Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, which continues to take American bets  for the time being. 
Bodog was not on the U.S. department of justice hit list, although its name was mentioned in an affidavit in a related case about the seizure of domain names, but the Bodog domain name was not itself unaffected. The main focus for Arye is on the opportunities for online gaming in Asia "the real market is in Asia, not in North America, anyway,"


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