Online Gambling News 2011 an Interesting Year

Published Saturday, December 31, 2011 -

It is always great to have hindsight which from keen observation is usually twenty twenty. The USA has definitely made the headlines more than a few times in 2011 with the Department of Justice crackdown on online poker in their country and then the clarification of the Wire Act of 1961 which clears the way for individual states to sell lottery tickets online and possibly other internet gambling games such as poker but rest assured never internet sports betting.

The online gambling operators that were offering service to residents of the USA just exchanged their stripes for stars and moved their domains to Europe. Fear is the element the DOJ interjected into the poker scene shredding most players confidence they could play for real money and see their winnings deposited in their accounts. So many dollars went missing after the crackdown there is a real doubt there is any security in America.
The internet is going through huge changes in general as governments around the world are attempting in one way or another to censor control and throttle the internet’s free status. Companies that try to stay clear of legal issues by operating in legalized and controlled jurisdictions are finding the political and legal hurdles becoming more difficult to navigate.

The European Union has been suffering a meltdown in the balancing of various countries financial books. The European Commission is dealing as best it can with the inequalities presented in online gambling legislation in member nations. The world of online gambling has seen some very significant changes in 2011 mostly in a more restrictive direction that will hopefully lead to a better framework that offers a more fair and secure environment for both the operators and the consumer.
Growth in the market continues at a fantastic rate and with the learning curve there is the potential for mistakes and progress. Learning for the mistakes will lead to progress, the benefits of hindsight are many. Enjoy the New Year and watch this space for the latest in online casino and gambling news.

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