Ladbrokes Doing Well In South African Online Sports Betting Market

Published Tuesday, January 31, 2012 -
Ladbrokes Doing Well In South African Online Sports Betting Market

It is illegal to offer online casino games in the South African jurisdiction but online sports betting is accepted. The wagering on sports in South Africa gives clubs and leagues much needed revenues to continue playing. Online casino gambling was effectively banned in South Africa in August of 2010 but online wagering on sports still flourishes without too many issues.

Ladbrokes the iconic book maker from the U.K. launched its South African facing sports betting site after it was granted a license to operate in September of 2010.
Anli Kotzé, Ladbrokes marketing manager reported that the response to online gambling in South Africa has been much better than anticipated. "We see South Africa as a great opportunity for Ladbrokes to increase its footprint in a fast developing market. We've also adapted our payment model to cater for the needs of the local market where debit and credit cards - which are traditionally needed to make purchases in the online environment - could be lacking," Kotzé continued in a recent interview.

It seems all hasn’t gone that well of late as Ladbrokes reportedly lost some revenues and maybe a few customers due to a technician removing by mistake the one-day international cricket match between South Africa & Sri Lanka, that they played recently, off the new website while managing traffic on the site.
Frustrated gamblers were therefore not allowed to place bets while the game was in progress.

Kotze commented that, "They should have removed other matches that were less popular. We did lose some important business at the weekend as a result." Ladbrokes entered the South African, in partnership with Kairo International Group. Ladbrokes is the third international bookmaker to enter the SA market and it has enjoyed much success since. Results from the bookmaker indicate that since the entry into the SA market, there has been an increase of 50% in month-on-month registered local customers, an increase of 40% in number of bets placed month-on-month and an increase in turnover of 25% through its Ladbrokes South Africa brand.






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