Canadian First Nation Exploring Online Gambling Solution

Published Friday, August 31, 2012 -

Canada is a large and rambling place with ten provinces and two territories. One of the central provinces considered Canada’s prairie province and where the wheat grows tall and healthy is Saskatchewan. The province recently has become a destination for workers in the oil and gas industry which is creating a stronger and more versatile economy. The oil and gas industry has made for a boom that the casinos in the vast land are looking at extending their reach by offering online betting to those in the province. The technology that runs the industry is the first step to facilitating the process.

The GEObet Gambling Network recently announced that it is looking into opportunities with Saskatchewan First Nations to develop an online gaming solution. GEObet has presented its solution at the recent Special Indian Gaming Assembly. Bernie Shepherd, the former Chief of the White Bear First Nation, “We are exploring online opportunities in order to create revenue for our communities and provide business and employment opportunities for our members. We are doing this by exercising our Inherent and Constitutional rights”

Shepherd also commented on the situation and issues in the USA, “The draft igaming bill is a positive and unified step on behalf of our southern relatives who are on the path of self-governance and self-sustainability. The entrepreneurial spirit remains strong in the indigenous people of North America and gaming / gambling is an inherent part of our society dating back thousands of years. The success of the regional tribal casinos and their professional operations has lead to this commons sense approach and is the right approach to extending First Nation gaming businesses into the online world with the same rights and freedoms that other industries enjoy.” The GEObet Gambling Network supplies the online gambling services industry with interactive products and services for land based and internet games. Saskatchewan is sure to benefit from the opportunity to play casino games from their homes.

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