Online Gambling In 2012 A Wild Year of Flips and Flops

Published Sunday, December 30, 2012 -

The year is complete and we all move on to 2013. The end of the earth didn’t occur as the calendar the Mayans created ran out without apparent incident. The year was full of US Department of Justice crackdowns and flip flops. The Full Tilt Poker fiasco so called Ponzi scheme was a bizarre story of failure and fraud. The winner was PokerStars which somehow managed to come through the Black Friday episode with more than it went in with. Besides taking over Full Tilt, its biggest competitor it also didn’t feel the pinch of the crackdown whip. PokerStars has a golden horseshoe where the sun never shines it seems.

On the European front the European Commission took dissenting countries that held on to their monopolies to task without much effect. The online operators that were shut out of Greece, Germany and Belgium made lots of noise via their representative organizations but received no real satisfaction for their vocal and formal complaints. America is slowly finding that political changes in their country move at a snail’s pace as Nevada and the big casino operators take the wheel to legalize online poker in Nevada. New Jersey’s Atlantic City needs online gambling badly but the state continues to drag its feet.

It was a year that saw gambling reform in Australia where the government decided it had to step in and slow the spending habits of Ausies on their beloved video poker machines. This was much to the dismay of club owners and pubs that enjoy the revenues. Sports was again the big topic as match fixing in India and Italy and other countries such as China during the London Olympics again destroyed the integrity the sports industry depends on.

Good things came about too as Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and others liberalized their gambling laws to comply with free e-commerce in the European Union. The continuing saga of Antigua and Barbuda and the USA’s non compliance with the World Trade Organization’s judgement tops the list as something that is just plain unfair. Watch this space for the latest news in 2013, it’s a wild ride that just gets more interesting, mobile, social online gambling, and more.

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