Fraudsters Catching Online Gamblers Off Guard

Published Thursday, October 31, 2013 -
Fraudsters Catching Online Gamblers Off Guard

Anyone participating in surfing the internet for fun and entertainment must have some form of protection against the hackers and scammers out in cyber space. If it’s raining out smart people wear a raincoat or at least carry an umbrella and when it comes to the internet an anti virus and security program is a must.

Online gamblers are always looking for the best odds and bonuses and sometimes the scammers catch punters off guard when they are searching through the multitude of offerings. One steadfast and well established security firms is AVG technologies and in Australia it is working on programs to protect online gambling enthusiasts leading up to this year’s Melbourne Cup.

There is an urgent need to make gamblers aware of fraudsters who offer race prediction software; quick signups to unregistered online gambling sites; and the fast track on how to beat the bookies. Prediction software fraud makes promises to be able to accurately forecast results.

Corrupt fraudsters take your money when you to sign up to accept counterfeit software licenses, memberships, special calculators or fake subscriptions. The impact of these forgeries should not be underestimated. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s recent Targeting Scams Report, prediction software fraud came in at No. 5 with 2012 losses in excess of $4 million.

Security Advisor at AVG Technologies AU, Michael McKinnon, commented, “Because crime and fraud tend follow high volume opportunities and easy money, online gambling scams at this time of year pose a threat to the thousands of Australians who enjoy a flutter. And, in the enthusiasm of the moment, race goers too often put inappropriate photos of themselves or friends on social media sites, which can create issues when seen by employers, partners and others.”

Not only does the ‘too good to be true’ lesson apply but remember to stay vigilant and alert when punting and make sure your personal information stays secure at all times. AVG software can help.

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