United Nations Support For Alexander Band?

Published Saturday, March 24, 2007 - Online-Casinos.com


Alberta tribe's chief claims UN backing for attempt to host and regulate online gambling

It sounds a little weird, but the chief of the Alexander First Nation in Alberta, Canada claims that his tribe has the support of the United Nations in its initiative to host and license online gambling at a new datacentre on the tribe's territory.

In a press release Friday titled "United Nations Declares Support for Alexander First Nations Online Gaming Regulation and Data Hosting Facility" and issued through the CCNMatthews newswire in Canada, Chief Ray Arcand and the Alexander Council announced receipt of a letter from the United Nations in support of the Alexander First Nation's regulation of online gaming and the development of a data hosting facility.

The release does not quote directly from the letter, explain its background or publish a copy, but Chief Arcand says: "We are most gratified to receive this support from the United Nations, as we build a safe, secure regulatory environment for people to enjoy online gaming.

"Our goal is to enable citizens of regions where online gambling is allowed, the opportunity to participate in fair, honest play, where they can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing they are well protected by a world-leading regulatory environment. The expression of Support from the United Nations is an honour, and makes our whole community proud of our achievements."

Chief Arcand's people are currently involved in an increasingly acrimonious dispute over their right to license online gambling in terms of a nineteenth century treaty of sovereignty with the Canadian government.

The band has invested in a hosting and licensing venture from which they hope to harvest revenues from online gambling operators seeking a license.

The provincial government opposes this and has warned the tribe to cease and desist in terms of the Canadian Criminal Code (see previous Online-Casinos.com/InfoPowa reports) which Chief Arcand has rejected, at the same time claiming that provincial authorities have ignored or refused to meet to discuss the issue.

Alexander First Nation is located 20 minutes from downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Covering 7280 hectares, with a population of 1 550 registered members, Alexander First Nation is a member of the First Nations of Alberta.

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