Josh Hannah Joins Matrix Partners

Published Wednesday, February 04, 2009 -

Having earned a reputation in over thirty years for being able to capture the talent of the best and brightest entrepreneurs around the globe, Matrix Partners has succeeded in bringing Josh Hannah on board.

Josh Hannah, probably best known for co-founding online gambling site, which now manages more than $50 billion in transactions every year, has now become one of Matrix Partners general partners based out of the venture firm's Silicon Valley Menlo Park, California USA office.

Hannah says he will focus on " Internet, software, and other consumer technologies." Hannah also states that given his previous experience, he's interested in user-generated content, online betting, and companies taking an innovative approach.

Matrix Partners is a vital start up company with a world wide presense.The company has an investment stratagy that enables the partners to seek out companies on the cutting edge of new markets in software, storage, internet, and communications equipment.

The two major technology centers in the United States - Boston and Silicon Valley house Matrix Partners team offices.

Emphasizing quality, rather than quantity, in making investment decisions. Matrix maintains a high ratio of partners to capital deployed. The company is unique in that they always serve on the boards of their portfolio companies. They prefer to bet on themselves and the teams they back.

"I've known Josh for nearly a decade" says Matrix Partners general Partner Dana Stalder. Further adding " He has an uncanny ability to recognize unmet needs in the market as well as identify and solve strategic and tactical business problems. He brings tremendous value to the companies he advises."

Mr.Hannah says, " I am thrilled to be joining Matrix Partners.I have a profound respect for the firm's track record of performance as a top five firm as well as it's reputation among entrepreneurs for being an active, committed, level headed partner."

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