Online Gambling The Next Frontier Canada

Published Friday, February 06, 2009 -

York University professor Thomas Klassen says " During this economic crisis, gambling addictions and online gambling should be at the forefront of Ontario's gaming discussion." Canada has yet to do an overall assessment of online gambling in the country. A new report released by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has revealed that insiders in lotteries available in Ontario were compromising the system.

Internet gambling is "the next frontier," Klassen said, adding it won't be long before you can buy lottery tickets online. plus "That's where you're going to be able to reach a lot of people who might not want to go to the corner store." Klassen also raised the issue of underage gambling going on.

People are not going to stop putting money down to give themselves a chance to win, but after this report the public may think there are "fundamental problems" with the gambling system.

Casino State: Legalized Gambling in Canada, a paper that Mr. Klassen co-edited and contributed, paints a bleak picture for the ordinary lottery ticket purchaser. Klassen is not optimistic at all adding in his statement that "The corner stores are basically becoming tax collectors for the government." Further commenting, " Whenever you have people collecting money for other people, there's going to be scams; there's going to be people trying to take an unfair cut."

The latest technology could not stop insiders from profiting big on the state controlled lotteries. What will it be like once online gambling becomes common place in the homes and on the phones of the online gambling public. It's a sure bet the Canadian Government will be there to do a study. Rules are required but then again how many dishonest people follow the rules.

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