Ernst and Young Report Favours Online Gambling

Published Thursday, February 12, 2009 -

Online Gambling will come out better off than traditional gambling forums during the lean times. A world wide market is one factor leading to this conclusion, as is the fact that people are staying at home a lot more these days. During a down turn in the economy we tend to look at easy forms of entertainment with some thrills attached of course.

Ernst and Young a global organization of 135,000 people providing respected advice and analysis to businesses around the world announced in their report "All bets off for recession" things look good for online gambling operators.

Online gambling is to be one of the sub-sectors of the leisure industry that will emerge from the current recession stronger. Youth is sited as being one of the main growth sectors as they are not burdened by property or decreases in personal wealth caused by the stock market declines.

Currently many countries are struggling to find revenues that will cure their economic woes. Online gambling has proved to be lucrative in many jurisdictions, yet in other places they just can't seem to justify the need to legalize the online gambling world. As report after report comes out, it becomes more and more difficult to argue against the power of the internet. Technology will advance in the 21st century, pushing us ever closer to the virtual edge. Online gambling is here to stay and as soon as the legislators wake up to that fact the better. Continued investment in the mobile, software, and banking areas of online gambling operations will be a deciding factor in the global online gambling marketplace. The virtual world is making significant waves in the real world with the possible outcome of better times.

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