Trend Micro Provides More Online Security

Published Friday, February 13, 2009 -

Trend Micro the U.S. internet security company that has its headquarters in Tokyo with reported earnings of over 800 million in 2007 has introduced software that protects underage people from online casinos and gambling. A Trend Micro representative said, "Trend Micro enjoys the credit of being the only company which offers this Internet Security Software that provides end-to-end, detailed and intuitive advanced parental control."

Good news for the parent whose teenager has a cell phone and a credit card. Regulations in the U.S.A. concerning online gambling are in discussions around the world. Some think that the all out ban is unfair to the willing participant, others say it is necessary to safeguard our children.

Trend Micro's, 'Advanced Parental Control Software' embedded in the Trend Micro Internet Security 2009, will now give consumers an opportunity to prove that with the right tools the internet can be a safe experience. Some of the features of the newly available software are Limited Internet access by time of day and day of week, that would show a reminding pop up five minutes before the Internet access time is up. This way, the parents can control the timing when the child sits before the PC .

'Advanced Parental Control Software' blocks the sites parents do not want the child to access. Further, this can be done by age level of the child. TIS software solution comes with four pre-set categories - Child, Teenager, Adult, and None. Parents can choose from these categories or customize it to their desire which could mean blocking gaming, gambling, social networking or just about any site the parent wants to.

The software also prevents accidental leakage of private information, which means, it prevents children from revealing personal information via the web, internet messaging or email. The child may enter the phone number, address or credit card number but it would not be understood by the receiver. These efforts put forth by companies like Trend Micro may push back the fears associated with underage gambling, but will they be enough to change the current ban?

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