Chinese Online Gambling Crackdown

Published Sunday, February 15, 2009 -

The outlaw online gambling group started up in 2006, when the soccer World Cup was held in Germany. Now the twenty accused are being sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to six years by a Shanghai court.

It goes without saying this is a clear message to other would be entrepreneurs who think they can break China's online gambling ban and get away with it. The People's court put Qian Baochun, 41 away for six years and ordered him to pay a fine of 735,000 U.S. dollars for creating online gambling websites.

Another 19 were also convicted and will be jailed for one to five years. They were also ordered to pay large fines for their crimes. Zhang Minxian, a spokesman for the court said, "This is possibly the country's biggest online gambling case,"

The ring leaders set up accounts on a number of offshore gambling websites developing a stable of agents and gamblers. Then they brought more people on board to help run the organization and received monthly payouts on profits earned from the illegal offshore accounts. With earnings of 1.6 million yuan within a year of operations the illegal online gambling operation did very well.

China is emerging as a great nation of internet users. Surpassing the USA at 163 million internet users, the 180 million people online in China are sure to want to try the online gambling experience. Unfortunately some may end up imprisoned because of that desire. China will have great difficulty regulating the online gambling activities with this huge volume. Regulation and legalization would be an option but in China no one is holding their breath while waiting for that to happen.

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