Advertising Standards Authority Squashes Posting

Published Friday, February 27, 2009 -

Gambling might give some people a kick but who would claim it's a sane way to invest? Obviously the people watching the scene on the internet are not impressed with Requestabet's post linking soccer betting to other choices such as buying stocks or investing in property, treating betting as a viable alternative.

The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority has nixed the advertisement ordering it to be withdrawn from the company website. The ASA states the ad does not comply with their strict code of conduct.

The website is owned by Sohi Capital Partners. Sole director Kulbir Sohi, of Walsall, U.K. said he didn't bother replying when asked by the Advertising Standards Authority to substantiate its claim of a 13 per cent return.

Howard Bunker, a media analyst, says, "Ads linking gambling and casinos to buying homes and stock shares should be seen as tongue-in-cheek. The ad does not necessarily convey that gambling will increase one's wealth, but points out the irony of believing that other choices are safe and prudent."

Sohi's site, meanwhile, states, "You must be interested in getting a decent return for your money, and are looking for alternative methods to generate those returns as opposed to the traditional forms of investment."

Bunker asserts that the Advertising Standards Authority is repeating the case when it forced Ladbrokes to withdraw an ad comparing the thrills of gambling to swimming with sharks. Mr. Bunker went on to add, that it would be hard for a skilled gambler to lose as high a percentage of his wealth as mutual fund managers have been able to do over the last year, and it's unreasonable for the ASA to not realize the humor in advertisements. Considering the stakes in the world of online betting some operators are going to try to get our attention any way they can.

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