Barriere Interactive Gaming Announces Xbox Connection

Published Saturday, February 28, 2009 -

Online casino software providers Barriere Interactive Gaming has announced it is in the final development stages of a game product that will have the ability to link gaming consoles such as the PlayStation Portable (PSP) or the Xbox, to online casinos.

The game which is to debut by the end of March 2009 will let video gamblers to play online casinos on their TV sets. Microsoft and Sony have yet to confirm approval for online gaming to be introduced on their consoles. The main concern being minors buying the games.

Barriere Interactive Gaming has obtained licensing from the European Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta and now accepts players from countries where online gambling is legal as it is in most of the European Union.

The French Government is still refusing to allow players in the country access to online gambling casinos. Barriere Interactive is trying it's best to gain market share in the fast growing online gambling sector.

Hervé Simonin founder of MKO games and a CEO of the Onyx Films has with Barriere Interactive Gaming come up with solutions based on the latest virtual technology available bringing together two production companies specializing in the production of artistic methods leading to advances in cinema and animation. Good news fro those online gambling participants who want an almost real experience at an online casino or poker room. To think we may be able to use an Xbox or PlayStation one day to play our favourite casino games sounds like a dream come true.

Casinos based in France have been losing business to online gambling sites for a long time now. Now at least the French will be able to have some fun right at home.

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