Casino Affiliate Programs Battle Fallout

Published Sunday, March 01, 2009 -

Lou Fabiano and Warren Jolly are still going head to head in a battle for control of the Casino Affiliate Programs platform. This wavering company is not served well by this low slung debate. Both men accuse the other of wrong doing as the emails and rumours continue to circulate. CAP is now seeing its integrity eroded seriously throughout the online gaming industry.

Lou Fabiano presented a communication to CAP members, which included the rest of the online gambling community, that he was being pushed out by partner Warren Jolly, who Fabiano alleges is behind the hidden ownerships and conflicts of interest.

Co-organizer, Warren Jolly's, admission that he and his partner were involved in running an online poker room accused of slow paying affiliates for nearly two months has caused huge rifts in the membership ranks of Casino Affiliate Programs.

The real time action is at a fever pitch with these two men and the press is having a field day churning out the latest story on the CAP situation. Some operators and managers are wondering where the chips will fall and are getting concerned that all this bad news about Casino Affiliate Programs will hurt their own reputations. Concerned enough to pull away from business sponsorship and associations with CAP.

This public and highly unprofessional fight for control of CAP, and the growing sense that something is not right with all of this will be a sure fire way of destroying any trust managers still have in this once strong group.

Lou Fabiano was good at banning all those who would disagree with him on certain issues and now the tables have turned having now been silenced in his own Internet forums. Warren Jolly on the other hand promises the real truth will soon be revealed, which some insiders believe will be just as he sees it.

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