Online Poker Computers Win Big

Published Saturday, March 07, 2009 -

The United Kingdom is number five in the world of online gambling. With participants wagering over three million pounds everyday in online poker games alone web based gambling has become really big business. Generating over three billion pounds annually world wide poker is a target for those unscrupulous people out to beat the system.

According to recent news sources it looks like online poker may soon be totally controlled by machines. Known as "bots" these robots are sophisticated software systems that take the position of an online player. The bots calculate probability, analyse an opponent's previous decisions and then makes a decision on whether to call, raise or fold during each hand.

Bots make decisions based on information that is available to all players. The use of these calculating robots is not considered illegal and are readily available to everyone who wants the advantage of the computer's abilities. Players who don't employ the technology in their endevours to win could find themselves at a huge disadvantage. Imagine sitting down to a competitive but friendly game of online poker and finding out your facing a raft of computers. The conversation may be a little dull and the winnings sparse for the natural player. It is difficult to say which way the cards will be dealt in the new world of online poker.This could put a crimp in any would be poker players style should this sort of play get out of hand.

My bet is that one day we will all have hand held bots doing the wagering for us, and it will be the smartest computer that wins the game. It may be time to invest in some sophisticated software, and then get rich.

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