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Published Sunday, March 08, 2009 -

Software provider choice is possibly the most important aspect of the online gambling experience. It's a decision that makes online gaming fun or frustrating. As of 2008, there are over 160 companies providing online casinos with the software solutions that make Internet gambling possible. This is a figure that is steadily growing along with the industry itself.
Software providers play a crucial role in defining the feel and style of online casinos. Each and every software provider has its own distinctive style, so if you find you enjoy playing with one company's product more than another's, you may want to search for other casinos that use its software. The 'A' list of online casino software providers is varied and wide. Much has been said about the good the bad and the ugly sides of software but each provider has it's own take on how the game should look or feel.

For example Playtech a relative latecomer to the online-gaming scene, founded in 1999, quickly became the world's largest publicly traded, online-gaming developer.

Playtech was the first developer to introduce many of the online-gaming features we now take for granted, including VIP ratings, comp-point schemes, access to game and transaction histories in real-time, cutting-edge fraud-prevention tools. Perhaps the most revolutionary move, was its introduction of "unified-platform" technology, which allowed players and operators to access several gaming activities using a single user account

Microgaming is another giant in the online gambling software provider line up. Established back in 1994 it is second only to Playtech. Microgaming runs the world's largest online poker network, connecting players from around the globe with a platform that supports many languages. Microgaming also offers a bingo network, live dealer games, mobile gaming solutions and even land-based software packages for live casino operators. Many distinguished casino clients have chosen Microgaming software to power their sites ensuring a smooth and reliable gaming experience.

The choices available to online gamers are huge and trying them all would be a massive task, paying attention to the features offered is all part of the fun. Remembering which of the 160 software styles you like may be a challenge.

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