Online Gamblers Engage in March Madness

Published Sunday, March 15, 2009 -

Online casinos and sportsbooks everywhere are prepared for the crush as the NCAA basketball tournament gets under way. Bets are being made as we speak indulging gamblers with a prolonged excitement. This two week, three long weekend tourney can be very interesting to watch and wager on. The action that is provided to the punter that has been watching the unfolding of team efforts over the life of the regular season is substantial. Online bracket pools stir millions of gamblers to wager hoping they will be the last man standing in the final hours. Intelligent bets can be placed before the dust settles.

March Madness as it is often called sends most players of sportbook gambling into a varitable spin looking at all those teams and all those possible odds. After Selection Sunday's Show which determines which of 65 teams will enter the tournament, and where they will be seeded and placed in the bracket, the wires light up to red hot proportions. While the selection committee assembles to do the official work, many predictions are made by various people and organizations. Speculations and buzz can come from anywhere from random college basketball fans to senior bracketologists and experts on the selection process and the seedings.

There is usually only one hour between the end of the last game, usually the Big Ten tournament championship game before the brackets are officially unveiled, the committee cannot wait until after all the games are played to start determining the seeds. While nothing is set in stone until after all the games are played and the brackets are established, the committee may have a good idea of where a team is and where they could rise or fall depending on their showing in the later stages of their conference tournament.

A number of complex rules govern the seeding process, and the seeding process is not an exact science therefore a slight move in seeding is unlikely to affect the chances of any team.

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