Wikileaks Raided by Australian Federal Police

Published Wednesday, March 25, 2009 -

This morning, Wikileaks published a Twitter update "Police raid home of domain owner over censorship lists - stay tuned." Australian authorities have indeed raided the homes of Wikileaks associate Theodor Reppe, who owns the German domain registration for "", in Dresden and Jena Germany after the website published a list of banned websites.

Wikileaks, which offers an anonymous service, has previously published alleged web censorship lists from Thailand, Denmark, and Australia. Mr Reppe also reportedly maintains one of the most popular anonymous proxy servers in Germany.

Wikileaks told Australia it's not clear whether the raid was initiated after complaints from Australia. "The raid is over the censorship lists, but which particular list, we can not be certain, although the Australian lists are the most recent and the most prominent due to their non-voluntary status."

In the past week, Wikileaks published three lists all claiming to be the Australian Communications and Media Authority's secret black list of banned web sites. ACMA's blacklist is the basis of Government plans for compulsory nation-wide web filtering, some causing disturbances world wide, when it comes down to the freedom of the internet. Online gambling web sites where allegedly on the black list.

These actions open up even more legal and controversial points such as source revelation and jurisdiction. A statement from Wikileaks claimed that Australian investigations could be illegal in Sweden, which is where the website is based.

One may contend the world of information is one controlled by big brother. So it is a possible good thing there are some people who feel its a duty to share the truth.

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