Online Casinos Sports Integrity Intact

Published Sunday, April 05, 2009 -

The online gambling public in the U.K is very particular about it's sports betting activities. The industry is closely watched by the politicians and gaming authorities to make sure the outcomes are fair.
A new study by the UK Gambling Commission suggests that online casinos and sports gambling have not interfered with honest and uncorrupted results of sports matches. In the last year and a half, the UK Gambling Commission received reports of about fifty suspicious incidents regarding gambling influence. Over 50 percent were quickly found to be unsubstantiated. The remainder are still under scrutiny but only a handful are considered worthy of continued inquiry. The commission also found the number of suspicious results to be equal or less than before the implementation of legal online sports gaming.

In the USA, big league groups with large budgets for lobbying the government are concerned that the lift of the prohibition on online gambling will create less than ideal conditions for professional sports organizations to maintain integrity in the sports. Pro online gambling lobby groups contend that if wagering is regulated it will be transparent and therefore safer for all the groups involved. While anti online gambling lobby groups who want the ban kept in place feel the integrity and honesty of the games is in jeopardy.

Cooperation between online casinos and sports officials has led to tight and secure measures against undue influence, in Europe, proving online gaming regulation to be effective.

Gambling Commission Chairman, Brian Pomeroy, said, "While limited evidence has so far emerged to support the widespread concern about the risks to betting integrity, combating those risks by working effectively with our partners is a key priority for the Gambling Commission. Our integrity team is already working with CCPR, sports governing bodies and betting operators to develop enhanced joint working as we strive to maintain the integrity of betting in Great Britain."

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