Online Gambling Fans Go for Golf

Published Tuesday, April 07, 2009 -

The British Open is the United Kingdom's biggest single day betting event. Golf does provide many online gamblers a reason to bet, it is easy to follow and has lots of twists and turns that make it interesting. In the USA somewhere between the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and the Kentucky Derby is the US Masters Golf Tournament.

Betting on the 2009 US Masters Golf is expected to create decent revenue for online bookies over the course of the event. The big golf events are becoming big draws for the wagering public. There are names that stir the punter to bet such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Lower profile players such as Argentina's Angel Cabrera have come on the scene and gone on to win causing upsets despite being super long favorites.

Some wagering companies declined to list Cabrera two years ago when he won the 2007 US Masters. Yet some oddsmakers listed the long shot at around 60/1 with a payout of $6000 plus for every $100 bet.

The possiblity of those kinds of paybacks have many in the sports betting world moving fast to get down on 2009 US Masters Golf futures.

Most online gambling sites are listing Tiger Woods as the favorite, paying $150 for every $100 bet. Many also offer Tiger Woods betting props on how many Majors Tours he will win in 2009, with four Majors paying a whopping $2000 for every $100 bet.

A lot of people will place bets on Tiger to win these events at short odds just because they consider his chances quite good. Phil Mickelson, has the second shortest odds. Betting sites also offer a general field option of golfers not listed who would pay 8 to 1 should they go on to win.

There are factors that can influence the game outcome, weather and the health of the players being just a few of them. Golf is definitely a game of skill that can be watched and followed. It's a perfect sport to bet on.

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