Online Poker MicroGaming Brand Image Threatened

Published Friday, April 10, 2009 -

MicroGaming is a name in the online gambling world that makes everyone think solid and reliable. MicroGaming has led the charge in the field of online gambling software and poker. Recently it's good name has been put through the wringer in a series of events that has left the company feeling vulnerable with their reputation just a little smudged.

One of the company's online casino brands Grand Privy Group has decided to stop all activity with it's affiliates in a less than professional manner. Recently it has also had trouble with a group called AintLuck poker that was utilizing the MicroGaming network. It is thought that the amount owing by these outfits is well over $5 million.

MicroGaming led the way at the affiliate program conference in Amsterdam attempting to take control of the online casino affiliate sector. "First they need to straighten out the Grand Prive mess," said one affiliate member, "It's hard to trust this group's motives when they keep silent about this injustice."

This long standing firm with unusually high standards will get back it's flawless reputation when it erases the Grand Prive group from it's realm. If must help players get paid and a failure to do so may further damage the MicroGaming brand image. At this stage though MicroGaming is refusing to process refunds owed because they are not directly responsible. Sources say that the blame lies with the company responsible for player account financing, Tusk, which has gone bankrupt. it's the right thing to do and they've done it before.

Payback from MicroGaming is the right thing to do because the players are, at the end of the day, customers of Microgaming. Players, for their part, have the confidence of knowing that, whichever licensee they're patronizing, they are safe because MicroGaming is safe. Logical outcomes are not always the ones that happen in reality. So far there is a definite silence from the company, which does not bode well for the online gambling poker player who is owed a payback. Keep in mind though that MicroGaming has backed bad debits before and may see the wisdom of that course once again.

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