No Online Gambling for Apple OS Users

Published Saturday, April 11, 2009 -

Will Apple users ever get a chance to play online casinos? The answer to this queston looks to be not now, maybe not ever. The dominant operating system for online gambling in the world is definitely Microsoft's Windows, although few casinos ever mention what system is required. Mac users are a small percentage of the computer user market holding a share of the non-USA market somewhere between 3% and 5% and in the USA as high as 15%.
Major online casinos are using the current three big internet gambling software developers for US players - RTG, RIVAL and Vegas Tech, so it's unlikely to see a Mac online casino abroad before we see one from the online casinos catering to the US players. There was only one online casino which promises on its website to deliver a Mac-compatible gambling software "in the future", but there is strong doubt it will be anytime soon. In some online casinos in order to play with a Mac computer you will have to opt in for the Flash-only version, or browser-based casino software which is extremely limited in both the number of games and the enjoyment factor.

Microsoft and Apple are arch rivals in the personal computer world with people on both sides of the operating system fence sticking to their preferences like crazy glue. Developers can not see the need and therefore won't spend the time or money for software development with little chance of profitable returns. If the USA does make the prohibition on online gambling a thing of the past it may usher in a time when Mac users can participate fully in online gaming.

Currently there are no online casinos for Mac/Apple OS users and it will be a long time before there are Mac online casinos available. Until then, you may want to consider running Windows, on your Apple laptop.

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