Online Gambling Law Report Retreat June 09

Published Sunday, April 19, 2009 -

The World Online Gambling Law Report Summer Retreat 2009 is a great opportunity for those seeking the latest legal updates in the gaming industry. Set for the 29th and of 30th of June 2009, the event returns to Tylney Hall in Hampshire, UK for its seventh year running. This landmark event in the Online Gambling calendar will once again bring its unique mix of industry players together, creating the most incisive environment for exploration of the industry's future.

The World Online Gambling Law Report Summer Retreat 2009 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to discuss, analyze and think through the strategic opportunities and challenges of the moment with industry leaders, regulators, government officials, financiers and advisors in the quiet and beauty of one of the United Kingdom's finest country hotels.

Lindsey Greig, the World Online Gambling Law Report Editor, has crafted a thought provoking program, which is balanced with free time creating the perfect environment for in-depth discussion and high level networking. The Monday,Tuesday line up on the program includes The Future of European Gambling, Two sessions on Technology Platforms, White listings for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain and White listings for Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK. Is Self-Regulation of the Gambling Industry effective or should the Government do more is a question asked by many operators and hope is that some answers will be available.The talks will conclude with a session on the USA.

Sponsors for the retreat include The European Portal on gaming and gambling laws,, the German Law firm of Hambach and Hambach which specializes in Media and Gaming Law, and ULYS a French, Belgian group that deals with intellectual property issues Media and Information Technology. The expert speakers examine the challenges and the opportunities as the market consolidates, technology converges and the regulatory regimes continue to evolve.

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